Wisely Cardholder Agreement

How do I withdraw cash back15 from my savings envelope12? You can transfer the money from the savings envelope to your main card account. Simply open the myWisely7 app or log in to your account on mywisely.com. Select the “Future” tab below. Click on “Withdrawal” and enter the amount you want to transfer to your main card account. You will receive a copy of our policies and practices regarding your personal information (the “Privacy Policy”) when you open your prepaid card account, and you will receive or be notified at least once a year thereafter in accordance with applicable law where you may receive such a copy. You can review our privacy policy at wisely.adp.com or we will send you a free copy upon request when you call us at the toll-free phone number on the back of your prepaid card. Our Privacy Policy describes how we collect, protect and use your financial and other confidential information and under what circumstances we share your information with affiliated companies and unaffiliated third parties, including service providers. How do I get my cash back on purchases I make? Once your eligible transaction is verified by Dosh, your cash back rewards will be sent to your main cardholder account and then transferred to your Wisely Rewards savings envelope.12 Cash back rewards are processed as ACH transactions on average within 4 weeks. How long does it take to resolve a transaction dispute? An average transaction dispute is resolved within a few days. (Please refer to your card contract) Is there a limit to the amount that can be added to my savings envelope? No, there is no limit as your savings envelope is limited to the full limit of® your Wisely account. For more information, see your cardholder agreement. You may have the option to load money into your prepaid card account through cash top-up network systems, including retail top-up networks, electronic cheque cashing systems, original credit transactions or other payment systems that we activate from time to time (“Alternative Charges”). There may be minimum and maximum requirements regarding the amount of money and maximum requirements for how often you can load money into your prepaid card account via other loads.

To the extent that any of these features are available for your prepaid card, you can get more information about these features by visiting wisely.adp.com or by calling Cardholder Services at the toll-free phone number on the back of your prepaid card, and you may need to go through an additional verification process to use any of these features. Can I add money from other sources?13 Yes. If you pass a validation process, the primary cardholder can directly deposit income from your second job, tax refund, or other government benefits directly into your Wisely Direct by ADP card.2® Enter your account and routing numbers in the appropriate direct deposit form or give them to the HR person responsible for your payment. To retrieve these numbers, sign up or sign in to the myWisely7 mobile app or myWisely.com and go to your account settings, then tap or click Account numbers. Cardholders in Alaska can find below information about submitting complaints about our money transfer product or service: How do I create a travel notice? Log in to the myWisely® app or myWisely.com. Select Account Settings / Card Settings / Travel Advice. You can also call Cardholder Services at 1-866-313-9029. Can I apply for a card for a spouse or family member? Of course! Primary cardholders can transfer money to and from secondary cardholders. You and all secondary cardholders may need to go through an additional validation process. Each person has full and instant access to the money on their individual card. Please note, however, that secondary maps cannot be used internationally.

To order another card, log in to your account with myWisely.com or the myWisely mobile app.7® Click or tap the menu button in the upper right corner and scroll down to the button at the bottom of that menu to order another card. Follow the on-screen instructions from there. Are my secondary cards eligible to receive rewards? Yes. Secondary card transactions can earn cash back when linked to a connected primary account. Rewards earned through secondary card transactions will be credited to the primary cardholder`s “Wisely Rewards” savings envelope.12 1. Log in to your Wisely account at mywisely.com/direct or download the myWisely7 app to retrieve your account and sort the codes. How do I get cash back with my Wisely card? Sign up for the Dosh Cashback Rewards program in the myWisely App7 app, then make purchases with your Wisely card at participating merchants and online services or stores. Your cash back rewards will be sent to your main cardholder account and then transferred to your Wisely Rewards savings envelope.12 To transfer your balance to your available balance, visit the “Future” section of the app7. Click Withdraw and enter the amount you want to transfer from your savings envelope12 to your available balance.

Western Union. You can visit any Western Union store in the U.S. to add money to your card (third-party top-up fees may apply).8 Log in to your cardholder account at myWisely.com for more information on adding cash. Can I use my Wisely card with the Dosh7 app? No. Wisely cardholders can only use the myWisely7 app. The Dosh7 app redirects you to the myWisely7 app to link your Wisely card. As a second cardholder, can I set up my savings envelope? No, only primary cardholders can use the savings envelope in the myWisely app®. If you have a secondary adapter, you will not be able to access this feature.

How do I activate my card? To activate your card, visit www.activatewisely.com or call 1-866-313-9029. You will need to choose a PIN (Personal Identification Number) when activating your card. .


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